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So who's going

Mrs Mav

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shh, i hears OP has water that comes from a pipe that's been discovered this very year 😬


last year someone brought them a book of matches and rioting broke out over the fear of the new devices *tongue*


Steve B

Big Black Beast^3 Lighten up everybody....NOW

USA 2005: How the West Was Driven

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You won't get an answer from them Delbert.........


They're all at OULTON *cool* (It's today, you see...............)


Hope you're all having a good time - we couldn't make this one ☹️



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I will be there tomorrow, but in ubbertug as I've scalpped a client lunch at last minute (rep not happy with me coming but it is free food ). So if Mav can bring the gear we can have a hand over [8)


When you realise the worlds not nice just drop your pants and slide on the ice!!!

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