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Easy dashboard removal


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Am about to replace my dash with a carbon one, and have read on here about having to remove the scuttle and associated stuff, but I thought I'd have a quick go at doing it without removing the scuttle.


To my surprise all the rivets drilled out easily, and the dashboard was removed. All without having to remove the scuttle, peice of cake.

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If you want a blank or altered standard dash - give our friends at Arch a call - they stamp the originals and will stamp you one out modified if you'd like - I had one with a single gauge hole to suit my Stack. Great bunch, seem only too pleased to help.


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Myles, give Richard a ring on 0033 241 94 3800. you may find his cf dash is not much more than an ali one. The planning, drilling and cutting a dash to your own design is great fun. I'm planning to write an article about my Cf exploits which have saved 40kgs in total.


norman verona

1989 BDR 220bhp

Mem No 2166

Curmudgeon in an Elise, (and 7 and Elan)

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