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One more little cotton-tail lives to hop around and breed copiously:


Mr Bunnsy has an Adventure - chapter 1


Out in the seven the other day and one individual which had no doubt escaped from a circus troupe hurled himself out of a grassy verge and into the road about 15 yards in front of the car. Mr Bunnsy then displayed his circus breeding by doing something that looked to defy the laws of physics. It turned in mid-air, hit the tarmac and immediately bounced straight back into the bushes. How it turned on the spot so quickly was incredible - it must have had amazing reflexes.


So, no bunny to scrape off the car, no new nosecone needed and Mr Bunnsy gets to be reunited with all his friends in Furry Bottom. A result all round *thumbup*


The End.


Darren E

K80RUM Superlight R #54



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If only 7's had ABS (automatic bunny stew ) you could have been fed a wholesome meal tonight *cool*


When you realise the worlds not nice just drop your pants and slide on the ice!!!


Edited by - Delbert on 28 Jun 2004 17:29:55

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Nearly got a baby squirrel on my bicycle today...


He was eating something in the road with his back to me - and only turned around and leaped into the road when I was about 4-feet behind him... ...on a perfect trajectory to be cut in two by my skinny road tyres...


We both braked - and he reversed direction in an instant - and saved/prevented Mrs. Miggins from baking another pie... *wink*


Keep BC free and open for ALL. Membership No. 43xx


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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