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Vx wet sump - oil pick-up pipe gap


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Following a change of wet sump pan, I have experienced noisy tappets. Never had this problem before. Tried changing oil viscocity but this made no difference. I was advised to check the clearance between the pick up pipe and the sump floor. Reomved the sump at the weekend and looking at the dent in the foam baffle, this is almost certainly the problem ..... the pick up pipe looked as if it was all but touching the sump floor. *eek*


Question is - what gap should I leave between the pick up pipe and the sump floor? I've cut the end of the pipe to give me about 8 - 10mm ...is this enough / too much? *confused*

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Thanks Matt...this is your sump so you should know!


Foam baffle is fine. The entry to the pick up pipe does indeed sit in the middle of the "well". The baffle is dented by the length of the pipe leading into the well, not by the end of the pipe.


When we had the sump off and lay the pipe in the dent it had made in the foam, you could easily see that whilst the entrance to the pipe sat in the middle of the well in the baffle, the end of the pipe was as near as dammit actually touching the sump floor.


When you had this in your car, did you suffer any oil starvation prob's?

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Thanks for replies *thumbup*


I am using 2 gaskets and have cut the pipe at an angle. Looks like its just a matter of crossed fingers now. Engine goes back in at end of this week so we'll wait and see (flywheel & clutch was being lightened and balanced).


Took the opportunity to see what was what as I had small gearbox and engine oil leaks since I got the car a year and half ago. Nothing too serious but "her indoors" was beginning to get a bit stroppy about the state of the driveway. Turned out the previous owner must have filled the gearbox up through the top plate and seemed to think it would be ok just to rest the bolts back in the holes without actually trying to turn them *mad*


Engine oil leak looks like it was coming from crankshaft sensor. New O ring and a bit of silicon sealant should have sorted it out it out.



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