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Paint curing time?


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I've painted the 7 grill black and the number 7 Orange. I used the pot of Orange paint that came with the car.

I sprayed the grill black which cured in a bout 2 hours, but the Orange paint is still tacky (will leave fingerprint marks) after 36 hours !!!!! 12 of those in the airing cupboard !


I did apply alot of the Orange paint in 2 coats and the results do look quite good with the Orange paint self leveling on the metal, but how long should this paint take to dry? I am presuming it's the original paint that was used on the car, are these paints usually baked after application or is it beacuse I have put a very thick coat of paint on?



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why supply it as a touch up paint

'cos it's the remains of the paint TSK used to spray it in the first place 😬


As Mark wrote, probably a two pack paint. It will dry, but a bit of heat will help. Will it fit in the oven? (when she's not looking of course *tongue*)




See some pictures of the build here. First 2000 miles completed!

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