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advice on removing a popper base


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I'm fitting some half doors and need to fit the propper 'lift the dot' poppers at the leading edge (the ones that only can be removed in a certain direction), however, on the passenger side, the normal popper base on the corner of the the scuttle top is riveted in (a long story, but I had to remove the screw that originally held this base in and replaced with a rivet). The hole through the ali skin is quite large.


If I try to drill out this rivet I know that it will just turn in the hole.


So, a few questions....


1. Will these propper 'lift the dot' poppers work OK with normal popper base?

2. Are there any suggestions as to how I can remove the rivet without totally wrecking the paintwork?

3. Should I drill a fresh hole behind this popper and have two popper bases in this location? (will look sh!te).


I have exactly the same problem on the front lower popper base on the passenger side (when I fitted the toneau, I riveted the extra poppers).


Thanks for any help *thumbup*



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