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Mapped ignition

Peter R Shaw

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I have a 93 supersprint ...140 ish bhp x flow ...recently had it rolloing road tuned and it came up with a dip in the line at about 3300rpm... the guy said the best way to fill the gap would be to fit mapped ignition .... any thoughts ? how much ?...where from ?


Road7runner S7S.1.7 X flo here

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Several options. I have the Weber 3d distribortorless model, they also make a distributor model. But as I was changing thought I would lose the distribotor as well. Came with a map already suited to a 160 ish bhp xflow. If you buy new, you are looking at around £600.00. Roger King used to sell them with a map. If you need it setup, you'll need a rolling road tech with the ability to map the weber ecu as you can't change the map yourself. (thats the main dissadvantage, although once its mapped it works well)


Do a search on the subject, as someone is looking at building a bespoke kit which will be mappable with a PC. I believe some have also used an Emerald setup. *cool*

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Bill Shurvington is currently developing a 3d mapped ignition system aimed at Crossflows (to start with). This will be a system where the user can make changes to a supplied map using a PC.


The package is still being finalised but it looks like all in (loom, ecu, sensor etc) it will be arouns £100.

Not bad for a 3d system with wasted spark ignition.


Details of the original thread are here


I think Bill is currently on his hols but should be back soon.





Now with added green!

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