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how do i repack my techcraft silencer?


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My techcraft is getting very noisy and I have a bag of what looks like new fiberglass matting (supplied by previous owner).


How do I repack it, do I cut the matting into strips and push it down into the silencer or what?


cheers Finlay



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As far as I know (ones mechanic did ones at ones last service don't you know 😬) you unbolt the end and wrap the fibreglass round the central pipe and stuff in down, not knowing how big your fibreglass sheets are I can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure Tim didn't do any cutting?!
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As JaseB says, remove silencer from vehicle, soak the allen headed screws at the exit end in plus gas and after 1/2 hour remove screws. take end of round centre bit and remove old wadding. Place new wadding in piece by piece trying to get it equally all round and push down with a wooden coat hanger (or similar) only moderate pressuer is needed. when all waddiing is in, replace end cap refit screws and refit silencer. Start car and liten how quiet it is. Bugger that great noise it makes with no wadding in at all has gone, for now.


ps you can get new wadding from Chris at 7 workshop for £20.00 plus P&P plus VAT


norman verona

1989 BDR 220bhp

Mem No 2166

Curmudgeon in an Elise, (and 7 and Elan)

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Agree with all that's been said above, but I'd just add that you'll need a decent pair of gloves and long sleeves (preferably taped around the cuffs to the gloves) that exhaust wadding itches like mad if you get too much on your skin.


Chris Alston

1800 Supersprint here

Drive it like you stole it! *eek*


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