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A032r's.Which compound


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Soft all round will be fine - you can then rotate them as they wear, back to front etc to keep it even.

Many people put Super Soft on the front and Soft on the back, to help front grip/turn in and reduce understeer etc.



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60,000miles in 3years

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Andy - I fitted the 215/50 to the rear (on 7" rims) which are available only in "hard" compound. Combined with 185s in "soft" on the front, this gives a nice balance to the car and is showing excellent milleage - in the region of around 5000 so far including 4 track days (I think!).



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Just bear in mind that with these tyres if you brutalise it on roundabouts (and if you aren't why are you fitting tyres like this for road use *smile* ) then you can take 2mm off the nearside front in a weekend. (How do I know this?). Rears are probably more dependent on right foot and power output. They are fantastic tyres though, the car feels really adjustable with none of the snap oversteer that is so unnerving in lesser car/tyre combinations, especially when the only warning is the steering going a bit light then "shiiii..."


I wouldn't fit tyres like this prior to a touring hol in France. Long straight roads, hot tarmac, and high speeds don't help the wear rate of soft tyres. Every corner may be a joy but when you only get one every 30 miles there's a lot of straight in between. That said a set of 032s in 13 only cost £150, which isn't much on a holiday. I'd still keep the stickies for B road runs though.

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My rear 32rs are worn out.Don't want to swap with fronts as never feels right to me on 7.Last time I swapped car felt near undriveable.So am on point of buying another pair of 32s .But any alternative ? 15 inch wheel so choice limited. Would like grip of 32s but a little more longevity would be good.Any ideas? Or same again? And if so is Polley still cheapest ?
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