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angle drive for VDO Speedo


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I've got one of the std fit jobs - is this different from what you want 🤔 I can send you some pics if you want.


Its not done too many miles either (few thousand only).


I'm in London (but am on holiday in Ireland until the bank holiday from 4pm today *smile*)


I'll sell it for half the new price.


HOOPY 500 kg (and soon) 200 bhp R706KGU

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It seems that's an angle drive for SMITH/CATERHAM Speedo, not for a VDO Speedo (not exactly the same one...). So, that's not the right model for me !

Sorry and thank you for your help.


Someone has the right model ? ☹️ ☹️



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Caterham told me that they do not sell the VDO angle drive anymore but I would be ok with a new caerbont adaptor flange, angle drive and speedo cable.


Never tried to fit the old speedo cable but it didn't look any different. Maybe a different thread on the fittings I suppose.

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Can you tell me the exact reference of the new Caerbont angle drive (is that this one for the actual SMITH speedo) ?


For me, between the VDO and the actual SMITH, the fitting's diameter of the cable with the Speedo is different ...

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