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Oil Pressure Gauge


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Having fitted a dry sump to my X-Flow, the replacement pressure sender unit supplied by Caterham isn't compatible with my gauge. I see that I have 4 choices,

1) Make the old sender fit using a thinymajig to allow the old sensor to screw into the new bit

2) Install a new gauge

3) Change whole lot for a capilary fed guage.

4) Upgrade to an R500


OK so maybe only options 1-3 are viable. Anybody any suggestions?





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Any idea what the thread sizes are on the new sender and the old hole?

I thought about plugging the M12 hole on my K series then drilling and tapping with a 1/8" NPTF thread but the operation would have left precious little of the blank in place.

Solution was to blank the old hole and drill and tap a new one close by.

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Hi, if your remote filter housing has a take off the sensor can go in that location, whilst it is not measuring across journals it is good place to check change in pressure. Also sensor will not be subject to as much vibration as on the engine.


The Caterham sensor is a 10 bar type. Std guage will work, just double number ie 5 bar = 10 bar


Hope this helps




No engine, but 4 wheels, gearbox, diff, tank, loom, dash and now Nitrons...and a trial fitted block ( hurray !)





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