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Publication - Setup Your Caterham

Bafty Crastard

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1. How to make your car handle - Fred Puhn - HP Books.

2. How to build and modify Sportscar and kit car Suspensiion and brakes - Des Hammill - Veloce Publishing - Speedpro Series.

Both above are from USA, but I could let you borrow if you ask nicely.

Also there is a good book by Alan Staniforth - can't just recall the name off hand, but John E. has a copy.

Paul R.


Paul R.


K series that starts when hot!!

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Allan Staniforth's book is called


Competition car suspension


and I have a signed copy that you can borrow. Whats wrong with your car anyway Paul. Its hardly run in yet so surly you have not had chance to test it out or was it the sight of that Audi Quattro last night thats made you think


Run Baby Run *eek*

does it really have anything less than full throttle

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