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removal of front discs.


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Can somebody give me a safe procedure for removing the front discs on my SLR.

I guess take off caliper, then remove nut retaining the bearings. Will the bearings fall on the floor ?

Yes I am a total novice. But then we all are until we've done it once.

Thanks - hopefully in advance.



Andy Mac C7 GON

😬 Team Langoustine. Hard Core Prawn here 😬

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Andy you have it right so far *wink*, you can pinch the outer bearing between your thum and for finger( or use pin nose pliers 😬) the rear one will stay in the hub carrier usually held by the rear seal. then if you have a vice place the disc between the jaws and undo the 4 retaining bolts on the inside of the disc... thats about it *cool* *thumbup*






flares n, flames

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Its dead easy - as I found out when I repacked my wheel bearings & stripped the whole lot down to the stub axles.


et a piece of sturdy string tied to a wishbone to hold the weight of the calliper off the steel brake pipe.


The only slightly fiddley bit is getting the calliper back on as the pads can move a bit - its not too bad though.



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I will show you a mod I carried out for the quick and easy removal of the bearing dust cap when you come round on Friday. Makes life a lot easier and allows removal of the cap without destroying it.



7 back together and almost a runner 😬

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