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Top wishbone lock nuts

Tony C

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Just doing the first service on my SV following a rapid 600 miles since last Thursday. Check tightened the front suspension and engine bay, but during a further visual inspection noticed both top wishbone locknuts were loose. The left one by about two threads and the right not visually loose, but yielded to half a turn with the spanner.


Anyone else had an experience with these comimg undone?


I've never touched them as they come adjusted for length from the factory and I checked both were tight during assembly.






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Not had them come undone, but I have had the top link on my upgraded live front end loosen itself.

Try putting a dab of thread lock on before adding the Nyloc.


Frequent checking is a must with our cars which are driven so hard, so often.


Phil Waters

You mean you can drive these?

I thought it was just there to polish 😬

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