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lambda sensor/cat removal


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Assuming you have allowed enough time for the WD40 to work its magic and that you have the appropriate sized ring spanner, then it should come out.


Plan "B", I would suggest the application of heat - if the car is still driveable, run it round to the nearest workshop and ask them to talk to it with their gas bottles. Sorry your so far away or I'd offer to come over and warm it up for you...



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try taking it for a warming blat. the apply ice cubes with tongs against the lambda AND use adjustable spanner. the temperature differences might give you a contraction that's needed...



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aha! all it needed was some more persuasion.


me and the old man with the cat sandwiched between our feet, ring spanner on the sensor and the application of a 'delicate tap' with a club hammer to the other end of the spanner and it loosened nicely!


have now fitted the exhaust and been out for a blat - fantastic! the backfirey burbles are now proper bangs and all the better for frightening unsuspecting pedestrians. 😬



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just a quick warning, when I did just this on my R500, the threads on the lamda were quite damaged when it came out. The result was the (re-fitted) lamda blew out of #4 primary at full chat on the red line in 6th at Bedford AUtodrome. It scared the whatsit out of me as I thought the engine had gone (again). No harm done though fortunately!



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If you want the least chance of ruining things stick with John's advice. As much heat as possible on the pipe and as little as possible on the sensor. Must be tanks, propane will not do it . Red hot is the key.

Bring it to Bethesda and I'll do it for you.


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