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Last Minute request for Stoneleigh


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Can anyone help?

I started to build my SV140 yesterday and immediately hit a problem with the thread in the LHS Top Chassis mount for the Spring damper.

The bolt won't run in, even on its own. I've tried washing and cleaning it out with WD40 but something is in there!


is there anyone going to Stoneleigh who has a Tap that would fit this thread? It's the one where you have to flex the body to get the bolt in, so I'm not sure I can get a normal Tap into it.


I live close to Stoneleigh, so any kind person has a solution and can get it there, I can visit either Sunday or Monday, as convenient.

I have been told that ARC are supposed to check all these now, but my first experience of Caterham quality is not good. ☹️ *mad*



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I recall that I had a problem getting mine to go in first time.

I think there is a nut welded to a bracket, but the bracket is not very stiff.

My problem was an alignment problem. A little gentle bending sorted it out.

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