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Minister build experience?


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Has anybody out there had any experience of a Minister build of their 7?


On their site they state that they offer a quality build for £2.5K plus VAT, which seems reasonable if they are putting in one of their engines as well but I wondered if anyone had used their services and could comment on the 'quality' bit?


Thanks, Bert

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Not quite sure what you mean Bert *confused*

Minister are a very well respected engine builder/tuner and as you are probably aware responsible for the R500 VHPD engines. The quality of their work is well respected, although a little, shall we say,.....pricey!

When you say build for £2.5K do you mean building an engine or building the car?

If they do build kits for 2.5K I doubt that price would include a Minister engine. Bear in mind that Caterham charge just over £2K for building the kit so why get Minister to do it?



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Thanks for the reply Colin.


The £2.5K charge is for building a complete 7 from a Caterham kit and putting in a Minister engine. The reason I ask is that I'm thinking of going the Duratec route and it seems a good way of getting a Duratec properly installed (i.e. not by me) and not end up with a spare, Caterham supplied engine.


Of course, I don't know the specifics on what Caterham charge for a kit with no engine as I'm just starting out but hopefully the Minister chaps should, as they advertise it as a service.


I expect they'll be at Stoneleigh so would like to know a bit, before I talk to them.


Thanks again, Bert

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I am commited to building a Duratec Car this year and have been researching all the options available.


Mail me offline if you want to discuss the details but given what you have said I would recommend a Raceline component Installation, with the actual engine built by Ammo at Raceco and installed in a car you have had newly built by Mark Hicks at Anglia Sevens.


Ammo and Mark are both suitable experts to undertake this type of project on your behalf and will work together to a common conclusion.

Top blokes too IMHO


I however will be self building but then this will be my 3rd Caterham. The first was an extensive restoration and the second an extensive rebuild so they hold little mystery now although I understand your concerns


No doubt people will be on to recommend the services of both my suggestions.







See My Zetec Power 7(soon to be sold :0( ) Here

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