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Alternative ECUs and Looms for Zetec


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I have just bought my Zetec and am now thinking about how to install it. Jenvey do a set of TBs for the engine, but I would appreciate some advice on the ECUs. My concern is, if I buy an Emerald ECU, how will I get a loom to fit?


Raceline do a kit with 45 mm TBs, the jenveys are 48mm tapered...would they destroy the mid range being larger or does the taper work adequately.


If anyone has any experience of this type of installation, please drop me a line.





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Just another thought...


the Zetec (later version) still has the original injectors, raceline's kit includes cosworth ones..if I were to use the jenvey TBs, could I use the standard injectors and use a higher baseline fuel pressure, as done by the metro engined chaps???



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A few years ago I converted my 200+ bhp Zetec to injection using Raceline kit and I was very pleased with the results and the service. The combination works and is tried and tested by Raceline and many satisfied customers.


If you play around with different injectors you may have to remap the ECU to get the fueling correct again.

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