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seats and other bits wanted


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Interested if you have any of the following:-


Cloth seats to fit a S3

Pair of side screens


cycle wings for 15" wheels - BRG if possible but happy to re-spray

Mounted brackets for 15" cycle wings

4 into 1 manifold/exhaust/silence for 1700 x-flow

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I also have a pair of 'flat' doors, with the arm flap and I also have a hood to match..

both from a '84 live axle so will fit you S3.


please note that the older flat doors (with elbow flap) are a different profile to the newer doors and as such the old doors will not work with a new hood... sorry, call caterham but this is what they told me.


both my flat doors and matching hood are in good condition, thy are currently sat in Reading, Berks.. wanting a good home.. open to offers




Now, Beakie, we'll just flip this switch and 60,000 refreshing volts of electricity will surge through your body. Ready?..

See my CAR here


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