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Porsche bits


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Genuine 2.7 RS Porsche Carrera decal kit in green. 2 x Carrera side stripes, Carrera boot lid script and Porsche script - £90


One off Porsche GT2 spec space frame with fibreglass and kevlar panels, front and rear arches, spoiler, valence, bonnet. Steel Porsche roof. Standard 911 3.3 turbo engine and gear box mounts, 935 front end, air jack mounts, oil cooler, pedal box and steering column. Needs money and Time - £500.


Wheels - Pair of Fuch replica monos, 11 x 15, black centres. 5 ¾ inset, 5 ½ offset. In excellent condition - £700.




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Mark, I have triplets and they have all inherited the petrolhead gene – hence the three racers.


Mike, I will come back to you on that.


I have had a few emails asking for clarification so apologies if the above text wasn’t clear. There is no engine and gearbox, I just noted the type of mounts in the spaceframe. It is also not a rolling chassis.


I have some text giving more information and a couple of photos that I can email to anyone who would like further details.




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