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Alex Birtwisle

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It has been a while since we brought this evil subject up. After all it is part of the reason we are here.

I wrote a poem about Cucumber while I was picking my nose the other day:


The Evil of the Greengrocer


Cucumber is a waste of time

It makes me want to throw

Sometimes it hides in sandwiches

So people never know


It lurks and hides and contaminates

Things that bring me pleasure

It spoils salad and ruins Pimms

Such evil beyond measure


If ever you should see a cumber

Hiding in a Salad

Remove it

Mush it

Beat it

Crush it

Then put it in the lavatory

Close the lid and flush it






😬Alex 😬



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Peardrop - Cucumber love is the love of the devil. Renounce your foul religion and join Alex and I We eat jelly and ice cream with fizzy pop instead of unholy sandwiches with the crusts cut off and pimms polluted with the evil gourd.


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