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Clothing Solutions

Rob Fearn

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I'm the owner of an outdoor/travel clothes shop in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria called Why42, you may be thinking what has this got to do with our passion for cars, let me explain....


I have a customer who owns a caterham and he's looking for some luggage and clothing for his trip round Northern Spain. The clothes I sell all pack small, dry overnight, are durable, reasonably smart and don't need ironing, Ideal if you only have a small boot!


So if your planning a trip soon and need specialist clothing to suit your needs, don't hesitate to call in for expert advice or visit our website at www.why42.co.uk




Rob Fearn


Chapel Close

Kirkby Lonsdale




015242 73319


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Ok I guess it is advertising, but I believe it is of interest to members of your club, and how many of you would actually visit my shop/site if I didnt tell you in this round about way?


Hope you'll forgive me!!




Ps. We are a new shop only opened 5 weeks ago.

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