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pressures for wet running on 21R's

wonkey eyed barmaid

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at curby for a play yesterday. dry for 2 hours in the morning, then pi$$ed down over lunch, then wet/greasy track until circuit closed.


left the tyres at normal road pressures for first few dry runs, ie, 20rear, 19front. bit high i know, but good compromise on slide/grip for fun laps, and predictable on road.


when the rain came down i lowered the pressures (not sure if this is the correct action to take, but worked at a wet knockhill on michelins). down to 17 rear, 15 front - car not much better. big understeer on the righthander off the main straight, and big oversteer on the right hander onto the main straight. lots of grip through the chicane?.


lowered the pressures to 14 all round. no real change.


firstly, im not that impressed with the A021R's in the wet, i thought they would be better.

secondly, what is the correct action to take re tyre pressures for wet running?

thirdly, is the surface change on the right hander off the main straight at curby responsible for the understeer, or is my setup/handling just crap?


car is 99 vx classic. yoko 185/70/13 a021r's. cheers.

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grant i can only speak from 2600 km of the targa liege in 2002, most of it very wet. nothing i've ever driven on (and i've not used 32s -- yet) compares to their performance. when they let go you know it. i never altered the tyre pressure the whole time, regardless of wet, dry, snow, ice, etc..



210Bhp Sinister Version-VHPD here

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