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Ride Height

old captain slow

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I recently fitted the Rover race springs on the front and set the ride height to what it was before the change, but I would be pleased to know what the recommended height is. I'm running 185/60s on 13" wheels. Also I notice that the rear springs are set at minimum height already so unless I change them out I actually don't have any adjustment to play with unless I change the attitude of the car front to rear. What do most people fit on the rears please?


I was hoping to fiddle a bit at Castle Combe on Monday, but that seems out of the question now.





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Start off by getting the front lower wishbones level / horizontal with the ground . this should equate to about 140mm height at the chassis near the engine mount .


Then set the rear to about 15mm higher than the front . This should equate to around 157mm height at the chassis just at the front base of the rear wing .


You may find the springs go slack when adjusting - dont fret "they all do that sir " *wink*





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do you have the Dedion tube with the two fititngs for the bottom damper bolt ie one underneath, one through the tube? maybe you can gain some room for movement by changing to the lower hole.


FWIW, mine's set to 55mm under the dry sump (track use only and not sure what that translates to in chassis to floor measurement) but at the time the rear was set around 10mm higher than the front, seems to work pretty well *smile*



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