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Tank Sender Resistence Readings

Harry Flatters

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I need a favour from someone who has one of the later fuel tank senders (96' on) designed for the Caterham guages, NOT the VDO ones.


What I need to know is the resistence reading (between the terminal on top of the sender and the mounting plate) when the float is in the lowest position i.e. empty, and at it's highest position i.e. when it's full.


Can anyone help me out here. Here's hoping.


*arrowright* *arrowright*Harry Flatters *arrowright* *arrowright* *thumbup*

AKA Steve Mell of Su77on Se7ens and Joint AO - Surrey

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Lumberjacking on Saturday *eek* and trailering James to a sprint on Sunday but its only in Chertsey so should not be back too late, so is late Sunday afternoon any good to you 🤔


I will not have whipped out by then but it shouldn't take too long unless you know otherwise


Mark D

Su77on Se7ens *cool*

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That was the official answer from Caterham, I'm becoming increasingly sceptical about its accuracy though....I've been using these numbers for calibration and seem to get a zero reading with about 8 liters left in the tank.


I'm going to try draining my tank and taking a few measurements with known quantities of fuel.

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After getting some very strange result I decided to calibrate it properly by adding known amounts of fuel to an empty tank and measuring the resistance across the sender.


Empty - 275 Ohms

5 Liters - 270 Ohms (approx)

10 Liters - 249 Ohms

15 Liters - 150 Ohms (approx)

20 Liters - 59 Ohms

30 Liters - 31 Ohms

40 Liters - 14 Ohms


I can't claim these numbers are gospel, but they are a lot more accurate than the numbers received from Caterham.

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It's interesting to graph those results. The only linear portion is from around 10 litres to 20 litres. So the gauge will appear to drop gently from 40 litres to 20 litres and then plummet and then ease off again at 10 litres.




1.8K SV 140hp see it here


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