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SuperSport upgrade ???


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Does anybody know where I best could go for the conversion of my standard 1.4 K to SuperSport specs.


I already informed with Minister Racing Engines and they suggested the following : Uprated Cam Shafts - Uprated Valve Springs - Programme ECU (Engine Control Unit) - Throttle Bodies - Air Filter ETC. Looks great ... until I saw the price *eek* : £4500 to £5000 (including full rebuild of the engine). That's way above my budget. Any alternatives ???


I saw on the website that Caterham does the SuperSport upgrade for the standard EU3 1.6 and 1.8 engines for £999 (inclusive of fitting and VAT). But do they still offer the upgrade for the 1.4 K ???


What are the alternatives for tuning the 1.4 K ???


Slider@7 *cool*


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Perhaps you could buy the Caterham SuperSport Kit (£1000) and an Emerald ECU (£700), then try selling a brand new EU3 on BlatChat.


I would imagine the Emerald would work fine in this manner, but no doubt someone more knowledgable will come along and correct me.


One car - 1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings. *smile*

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Depends on the vintage of the 1.4. There were significant wiring loom changes between the 1.4s and the later 1.6 and 1.8s so an Emerald expecting to see the normal 1.6/1.8 loom will run into problems.


Now a little bird might have told me the other day where he might know of a 1.4SS engine coming up for sale...

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Thanks for the info to you all *thumbup* ... especially the kit from Dave Andrews seems a real nice alternative to the Caterham SS upgrade *idea* !


Came across the website of Power Train Projects : they offer a 140 Performance Cylinder Head kit (which can be fitted to a 1.4 K) for £1350 (ex VAT) which mainly consists of a modified and fully assembled cylinder head and a cast Inlet manifold with increased plenum capacity.


Does anybody has some experience with this kit *confused* ??? Is it any good *thumbup* *thumbdown*








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The VVC cast plenum uses an IACV and your MEMS may not support this depending on its vintage. It's volume is also too large for a 1.4 and may affect midrange torque.


£1350 for a standard valved, standard cammed mildly ported head does seem quite a lot..



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