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Pictures of late model cars appear to have heaters that take fresh air through the bonnet. Fresh air in the cockpit of a LHD car would be wonderful. Any help out there?

Thanks as always,

Tom (mid 80's solid axle)



Just spent a week touring Kent. SO nice to be amid drivers that actually know which lane to drive in rather than the nuts we have here.

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Quite right, later model cars do not have the big flat heater, but a tall one that takes air from an extra set of central louvers in the bonnet. I think the other louvers are spaced differently to allow room for the extra central set.


Don't take this as an experts account, I have the old style bonnet and no heater fitted, and do not really know what would be involved in converting.

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Allen is right, the later fresh air heaters sit centrally at the rear of the engine and feed through about half a dozen additional louvres in the rear centre of the bonnet. On my car at least (96 XFlow) the heater intake meets the bonnet and would obviously not work without the extra louvres.




Trying to get out of the garage

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