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Stick on Number plates- available (again)


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Have now managed to secure more stick on plates (but had to order 20) so can take more orders now. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled this week (sorry for the delay.)


For those new to this posting I am again a position to offer 'stick on' front (white reflective oblong) and rear (yellow reflective oblong) number plates and letters and numbers to suit. Both plates and characters are of the standard size, but according to other postings they are NOT legal for the road, so these are for off-road use ONLY.


I can supply the background for £5.00 each and the letters for 25p each.


This is not my business, so I cannot accept bulk orders so more than six plates in total from any individual please.


Post and Packing will be £1.00 for up to six plates.


Example; reg A7 JPE for the front only would cost £5.00 (plate) + 5x25p (characters) = 1.25 + £1 p&p, total £7.25.


Please send you order to; Tony Pickering,

Knott House Farm,

Pateley Bridge,

North Yorkshire

HG3 5NH.


Please make cheques payable to L Pickering and please do NOT forget your name and address.




P.S. Happy Easter blatting


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I noted the date of your original posting was in April - do you still have stock of the front stick on plates? *cool*


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OK Tony,


Tried to email you using blatchat and got loads of asp errors so all my order details will be posted to you with a chq today.


Any idea how long to get 'em from when you receive the chq?






See my car here

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Mine arrived today - thanks.


Would you happen to have, or know where I can acquire, a stick on number 3 that has a 'rounded' top as opposed to a 'flat' top? Sorry if it sounds nerdish - it probably is.



Too much is just right

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I do not know of anywhere else I can get letters from. My source is a local farmers merchants and most of plates go on tractors and trailers. round here. We are lucky if they stick on any number plate, they are not normally worried about flat or round unless it relates to sheep!


The only option is to use another number/letter to 'create' a 3 of your own design.




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