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Too much neg Camber ???


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I've a std road 7 with Michelin Pilots. The rear tyres are nice and evenly worn (down to 4mm in ) but the fronts are quite uneven. The front right has an inside edge wear of 4.5 mm and an outside edge wear of 6.5mm. The front left has an inside edge wear of 5ishmm and an outside edge wear of 6.5.


I am wondering if this is normal/bad/good ?


With 16.5psi all around the car does suffer from understeer with the back being too grippy. I can increase tyre pressure in back once I am happy that the new front brake pads give more stopping than the back.

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How much toe-in and camber etc should there be? And how do you adjust it.


I have two tyre garages virtually next door to me and so getting it done is not a problem once I know the correct numbers. Failing that Millwood is 25 miles away.

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I think it should be 1.5 degrees neg camber (assuming radial tyres) and the toe-in is to taste so to speak but I would get them to set it at parallel and try it. Keep an eye on your tyre wear and see how the steering feels. Too much toe-out wears the inside edges and makes the car tram-line and follow road contours alarmingly, it does give fast steering response and less understeer though. Too much toe-in gives slightly dead feel to steering but the car tracks nice and straight with little correction needed, it will however wear the outside edges. Try it and find your own personal compromise.
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I have recently had my tracking checked due to uneven tyre wear.

I had too much toe-out (1 degree) on each side.

As Stewart says this resulted in the inside edge of the tyre wearing faster than the outside.

Ratrace have now set the car up with less toe-out (close to 0 degrees).


The turn is not quite as good but overall it is better with a less fidgety front end (and hopefully more even tyre wear).

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Given that you have rock hard pilots on the car , its probably taken 5K miles to wear the inside 1mm off !!! .

A tiny variance in toe could produce this difference .


If I were you I would be chuffed to beans that the bloody things are actually wearing out so that you can get some decent tyres *tongue* 😬 *thumbup*


- the back end isnt too grippy , think more that the front end lacks grip !! *thumbup*



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My local tyre place has fixed front and back for <£20. Result!



FL Toe-out 3.5mm - tyre wear -1.5mm inside edge

FR Toe-out 4.5mm - tyre ware -2mm inside edge

RL Toe-out 5mm

RR Toe-in <.5mm


Symptoms (on track of course);

Back kicks left under very hard braking.

Back will not power-oversteer.

Severe understeer - worse on RH bends.

Fast steering response (relatively)



FL & FR Toe-out 1.5mm

RL,RR: Straight

I have swapped the worn fronts and put them on the back.

I have put Mintex pads in the front with Dot5.1 and left the rears with std pads.


Car is slower to steer (relatively) but tramlines less.

Car will power oversteer nicely- feathering the throttle to keep a tight corner.

Power understeer seems to be completely gone or negligble.

Brakes in a straight line nicely.

Car fronts (still bedding in), but are now locking before backs. Pedal feel better.



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When I'm on the (flat) track I wear a four point harness and use a foam seat. I can feel everything that the car is doing. Under hard braking the fronts were staying straight with no kick from the steering wheel but the back left was kicking out. It felt like superman had run up alongside the rear of the car and given it a shove to the left. A little bit like how snap-oversteer due to LSD (not the drug) feels.


Edited by - SvenDriver on 20 Apr 2003 22:20:38

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I've got a similar problem - but it's only affecting my FR tyre (wearing down more on the inside). Looks like tracking could be the problem.


SvenDriver - which garage did you use?




One car - 1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings. *smile*

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