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Headlight lens replacement


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I need to replace my n/s headlight lens but have a couple of novice queries:


Is there a difference between the n/s and o/s lenses?


Can anyone recommend a supplier other than Caterham, JW, and Redline (in case they don't have stock)?




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Thanks Tony 😬


Cheers Jonathan, I'll try LMS


It has been suggested that I "upgrade" to halogens. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, too?


What other options are there? I don't really want to spend a lot of money and I'm not looking to change the complete units with the smaller 5 1/4" units.




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philips has a bulb called cool blue that gives 85W/65W light with 60W/45W consumption.

Completely UK and EU legal. They're about 25 quid each from their website, and i've

seen a car with them. what a HUGE difference....



210Bhp Sinister Version-VHPD here

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