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What a Plonker!


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I'm too embarrassed to post this in Chitchat!


I changed the sump sponge today requiring much in they way of grovelling on my stomach under the car and considerable cursing.


After about the first 5 minutes of said grovelling I realised there was something going on at the other end of my body which was unusual but not necessarily unpleasant.


I twisted my head around to witness both my feet submerged to the top of my shoelaces in the washing up bowl full of the black, cold, used, engine oil I had recently drained from the sump! It took me several seconds to wriggle out from beneath the car during which time I felt it work its way between my toes as my socks began to absorb the stuff.


As I stood up I discovered just how slippery engine oil betwixt shoes and floor can really be and nearly split my difference! It was almost like one of those cartoon characters who's legs are a blur but doesn't get anywhere.


The bowl is, of course, still there in the garage waiting for me to tread on its edge and tip the contents over my shoes again, as I will almost certainly do tomorrow.


I'm sure nobody else on here has done anything equally stupid - have you?




PS Slightly pished having been to see a good band in a town centre pub *smile*

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Naming no names but a certain person who does also appear on Blatchat but is not Windy has had several mishaps.


He once spent hours trying to make a carb conversion kits from scratch only to lose his temper completely and in a fit of anger throw it out of his workshop where it broke and he had to start again.


I'll not embarrass him further with some of his more spectacualr mishaps but Ken you are not alone.

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Last oil change I was very careful to catch all the old oil in the pan, including the little dribble at the end that normally gets blown around by the wind. Very proud of myself I then unscrewed the oil filter and dropped it in the pan, splashing everythin in a 6km range!


😬You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same. 😬


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