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Zetec conversion questions

Tight fart

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Hi all, here are probably the first of many questions as I convert my trusty old crossflow to fuel injected Zetec.

The engine has been removed from an 89 Caterham the same as mine, so I should have most of the bits to fit.

It's a 2 litre Dunnell fuel injected but I do not yet have the full spec.


My crossflow had an oil cooler and the pipes run back to the same place, can I get a 'whatsit' to fit between the

filter and block to use the old cooler? if so who sells them what do I ask for, and how much are they.


Exhaust gaskets, would they be the standard items from Ford or something different from Dunell ?


Can I get an air filter that will not require modifying the bonnet.


The new engine has oil in it but has not been run for some months, on peering in the oil filler the cam looks dry, should

I remove the cam cover before starting (some weeks away) and lube them before starting.


I am changing the bellhousing, the seal g/b to b/h has a gasket that is 'welded' to the box, would you change it

or use a gasket sealer.








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I can't answer many of your questions, but:


I think the clearance between the oil filter and the chassis is limited (it is on my 1899 instalation) and you may have trouble fitting a sandwich plate for the oil cooler takeoff - you may decide you don't really need the oil cooler, or you could fit a remote oil filter.


I'm on carbs so can't help with filters for injection.


I think I'd be inclined to take the box out to fit the alloy bellhousing, on my chassis I have always taken the engine and box out as a unit anyway.


I had the James Whiting exhaust manifold, which uses the standard ford gasket (they do a steel one and a copper/asbestos type, the latter is reconed to be more re-usable). I assume your manifold will be very similar.


On the cam front, you could buy some special cam lube and apply it to the lobes, but this is really for brand new engines where the lobe and the bucket tapett have not bedded in.


You could just give the engine an oil change just before running it, turn it over with-out the sparkplugs in till the oil warning light goes out, then start up.

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I'm not sure you need to bother with an oil cooler; I never ran one on my Zetec and rarely had oild temps above 100 deg C measured at a temp sender in the sump.


You should be able to use the standard Ford exhaust gasket. I reused mine probably a dozen times over 6 years and it sealed just fine. It looked to be made from two thin stainless sheets sandwiched together.


You might be able to get foam air filters that have a similar footprint to K&N's. I seem to remember Pipercross makes some.


Pouring some engine oil up and down each cam shaft can't hurt.


I would replace the gasket. I think the part number is 6168642 but double check what the ford agent gives you to be sure.







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