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odd knocking from under the scuttle

Graham Sewell

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Since fitting a new transmission tunnel carpet (notably thinner than the old version), we have been getting an odd knocking from under the scuttle which does not seem to happen for the first couple of miles (cold engine) but gets quite noticable even with an intercom in use.


My first guess is the large bunch of wires that for the wiring loom as they come through the transmission tunnel which is unsupported undere the scuttle and the first support in the engine bay is in front of teh pedal box.


Is there any easy way to secure this (or at least isolate it) so that the car is less noisy?






Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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Graham. A couple of weeks ago I also started to get a knock, rattle ,from the scuttle area. On mine turned out to be a rivet missing from under the dash, so when the dash got hot it flexed and creaked, and the cover over the wiper motor on the passenger side was rattling and knocking. One rivet in dash and a screw in the cover plate later and all is well. *smile* Rob
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This sound could come from a variety of sources as your ears aren't always able to determine the exact positions. I had a noise that sounded as if it came from behind the dash and turned out to be the honeycomb protection inside the side skins of the car!

Yes, it did mean de-rivetting a section as I couldn't stand it any longer (as the actress said to the Area Organiser !!!!! 😬)


Good Luck *thumbup*

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