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ITG filters - are they crossflow proof?

Big Brother

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Are the ITG foam filters usable on a crossflow.

My car currently has K&Ns fitted and at night you get a little flash of orange from the filters every now and then.


This coincides with a flameout of the exhaust 😬 and the odd pop and bang 😬 😬 😬

Nothing like running slightly rich *tongue*


Just wondered how an ITG filter would stand up to this type of punishment.






Less is more!


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My local factor told me that the ITG s aren't worth the extra over K&Ns as they only perform at peak for a short period of time. Dust and general cr*p foul the pores in the foam, whereas the K&Ns perform better the more they filetr, thanks to that dastardly oil (my aerosol spray was crooked , coating my utility room with red oil).

I doubt if the foam could stand your flameouts though....


Mine Farts and Belches

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