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yet again: BDA/R pulley query


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Hello, everyone !

I still have troubles with the belt arrangement driving the waterpump and alternator on my BDx.

the engine is to be put into a short-cockpit chassis with all the later braces and tubes.

I do have the old "V"-shaped setup, which I am informed will go kaputt when one exceeds 7000rpm.

Therefore I bought the "poly-vee" setup Burton#s offer, knowing that the belt will be too wide.


I read on Blatchat that some people know that and how the poly-vee pulleys have to be modified.

How ?

How many rows of 'vees' do these folks use on their engines ? My belt has six 'vees', but I suppose they#re also avialable with three or four ? Does anyone have a picture or a drawing of said pulleys, showing me how to have the pulleys modified, and how wide a belt is being used ?

See, I'd like to do these things before putting the engine in and having to do that routine 4-5 times before the alt.-drive finally works and fits ...


THANKS A LOAD in advance !!



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Hi Karsten and edmandsd


Well I am still using the old V shape 8300 max reves. Seems fine err so far.


In fact the alternator belt so close to the frame, about 3 mm, I doupt I could fit anything wider. Its a 1988 car so may be the later ones have more room 🤔


However, is the true BDX different edmandsd in set up edmands


*confused* *confused* *confused*


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Thanks Ed, Bill, Trevor !

Seems I'm buggered no matter what. The Vee-belt assembly needs about 6mm of spacing for the waterpump pulley not to touch the cam belt. Lovely. Doesn't actually run all that true, either. So I went with the Burton's set-up. Knowing I'd probably have to have the pulleys turned-down and a new belt sourced.


Trevor: have you trial-fitted that assembly to the chassis, yet ?


So, how much space *is* there, say between the front face of the engine block and the diagonal tube running downwards ??


Thanks ! - Karsten


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The pulleys sit in front of the cam belt pulley with good clearance. Everything lines up fine other than there being a small amount of tension on the adjuster arm where it rests against the oil drain hose from the head to block. We had to make up a small extension bracket for the alternator top mounting as it was in the wrong place.


Racing pics and items for sale here

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