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2 virtually new 8.2/20/13 Avon A45 compound hillclimb sprint slicks


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  • 4 weeks later...

Did anything come of the seq. gearbox that you were talking about 8 months or so ago?



"Soon to be available - competitively priced ultra lightweight (14.5 kgs), 260 ft lb torque capacity 5 speed sequential gearbox - debuting at Curborough in August - watch this space." (9/7/02)



SLR for sale *cool*




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I presume you're referring to the Brighton Speed Trials in Sept last year where I used it for the first time, having finished building the car in the early hours of the same morning, only to have the linkage come undone on the second run....not exactly a fundamental fault. I recall you also being at Lyddon a few weeks later where the same box performed faultlessly all day having addressed the linkage fitment.


I think you'll be seeing a few more Caterham's equipped with this box over the coming months Arnie...I'd suggest you give one a try if you get the chance as it will only be then that you realise why I went to such lengths to get it developed in the first place.


I'm even going to try using the same box with my 500+ bhp BDT engine, albeit with a double width first gear, stronger prop and iron diff nose.


How's your 37 kg 6 speed Quaife monstrosity performing these days ?


Home of BDR1200


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