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Trip Meter Resetting


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I wonder if anyone can help me with the following query?

The electronic speedometer trip meter in my 2010 Sigma Roadsport SV, re-sets its self every time the ignition is switched off. I’m sure my previous Caterham (with the same type of speedometer) only re-set when the button was pressed & held so I’m thinking there may be a fault somewhere.

The speedometer is working normally & the odometer is recording & maintaining the miles as it should.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks both. Same button does the toggle from odometer to trip so I'm guessing it isn't stuck as it stays on whatever it is set to. Could be some sort of internal battery but it is keeping the odometer reading accurately so not sure.

It is this type of speedometer.


I'll try Caerbont as this sounds to be "unusual" behaviour.



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