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Changing wheel studs, hubs and source for open wheel nuts


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(1999 Imperial De Dion std hubs)

When my rear hubs come off this weekend I'm going to change my wheel studs (to the longer 40mm ones) and hubs and then treat myself to new wheel nuts as the 20 year-old ones are corroded with chrome flaking off.

Am I right in thinking that changing the studs involves no more than hammering out the old ones and pulling the new ones through with some washers and a wheel nut?

As for the hubs, the old ones have a top and bottom indicated by one side of the carrier being curved and the other flat.  The guide for doing this upgrade in my copy of LF July 2021 suggests that there is an uppermost curved edge to the new hub carrier, but the lovely shiny ones that have just arrived from Redline appear symmetrical unless I've missed something.  Is there some other subtle way to tell which way up they go or will I find that the bolt holes are not quite even so they only fit one way anyway?

Finally, on searching the archives I found a thread with a link to a source of black open wheel nuts (I think for an Elise).  However, that link has expired.  Does anyone have an up to date source for new wheel nuts - or do I just redial the last number in my phone and speak to Chris again?

Cheers for any guidance!



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I can only speak for D reg Sierra studs, but yes, they are hammered out and new ones put in in whichever way is most effective/convenient. Note the Ford studs are splined after the threads end, presumably to prevent the studs rotating in the hub and allowing the nuts to work loose from behind.

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