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Hethel Sprint - Camping


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Morning all - happy Easter!

I note in the paperwork for next weekend's sprint that camping is not permitted at Hethel Circuit. Just checking if this is correct and, if so, where are you planning on parking up the night before?

We've got a a 5 to 6 hour drive on the Saturday and looking for somewhere to park up overnight with the motorhome and trailer. 

Thanks, Neal 

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  • Support Team

Has anyone worked out how to register another person to attend Hethel but not compete? Finals appear to suggest registering them as a paddock marshal - I certainly couldn't find anywhere in the entry form or signing on form to do it.

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My email,

A couple of quick questions if I may:

  1. As my on-line entry says my wife will be at the event I presume I need to print to passes both with our names or will one pass and 2 names be sufficient?
  2. Are on-board cameras permitted to review runs provided they are not made public, as in previous years?

received the following reply from Pete Walters:

Please print one Gate Pass each. Also write on your race number (from the final entry list) so the marshals know where to park you.

Officially, no cameras are permitted …but if you do not share the images and then delete them, I am sure that would be OK.

This is a commercial site, owned by a Chinese Company …so you can understand the sensitivity.



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