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Gearbox Mount Query - 5spd std Type 9 (1999 Imperial car)


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Could someone tell me if I have the wrong mount please?  I have received one of these which seems to be the only mount option, but the hole in the middle for the M12 gbox mount bolt is only 10mm in diameter.  Before I drill out the hole to accept the bolt could someone let me know if there is a different mount available, please?

I've checked the bolt spec in the downloadable AG (which seems to be from around 2002 and my hard copy AG from the late 90s and both specify the mount bolt as M12 x 25mm so it does not appear that there was a bolt change from late 90s to early 2000s...

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#3 thank you for the offer.  I have this guide in hard copy. If you have this electronically I would be most grateful:

20230130_083541.thumb.jpg.6b9b6041fb4ead8bd11d1ac50dcd0de6.jpg 20230405_090616.thumb.jpg.a8922913623111a512dd6a0c878edacf.jpg

I am not sure of the date and there is no clue in the book, but I must have bought it from Caterham around 2001/2002 when I bought my De Dion Parts Manual which is marked at "Issue 1".


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#6 I have this guide in hard copy. If you have this electronically I would be most grateful:

I have a PDF (a whopping 28MB) made up from scans of the Nov 1996 AG, but  I don't recollect where it came from.  (I believe I sent you Sect 14 a while ago?  If so, I've already got your email address.)  It appears to be the same as the AG I got with my 1999 kit, which looks just like your pic.

If I try to send it as an email attachment, I think my mail service would throw a wobbly at the size.  I could try a service like wetransfer instead.


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#9.  Thank you, John.  You did indeed send me section 14, which was the section dealing with installation of the Rover engine.  I think my hard copy guide sits between yours and the early 2000s more pictorial version.  My section 14 deals with "Competition and Track Day options".  I think it's best if I stick with working from the 2 AGs that I have.  Once I've finished my build, it might help others if I scan my Guide (if that is permitted)?  This is the contents page from mine:


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