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Current drain from CTEK battery indicator

Rich Goddard

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I've just fitted a hard-wired CTEK charging socket (photo below) which has a built-in battery indicator panel.  There is no obvious way of disabling the indicator.
Electrical theory etc isn't my thing really so can someone with better knowledge please help me understand what impact the continuous current drain (1.5mA; 1.1Ah per month) is having on my battery?  (I have the standard 53034 Banner, 30Ah).
In others words how long before the charge has dropped to a level where it might struggle to start the Duratec?


Cheers, Rich


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First rough approximation:

Your battery has 30 A h. That panel draws 1.1 A h / month. It will take 30 / 1.1 = 27 months to fully drain your battery.


PS: Those A h figures are measures of energy. That's because they're referring to a system which runs at approximately constant voltage so that it doesn't need to be included in the specification.

PPS: There are a few measurements in the archives of drain at rest in Sevens. It varies greatly between cars. I'll dig them out for comparison when I've stopped wrestling with clinical data standards.

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