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Concentric clutch set up for Rocket box, Cross flow Seven


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Hope all are doing well,

Looking for set up advice for a concentric clutch in my Seven w/ a 4 sp Rocket box (23 spline) and Crossflow Engine. I currently have an APC 5 from Burton, with a .700 Girling master. The unit has leaked into the bellhousing. Inspection with Borescope shows no leaks at hoses / fittings. Spacing for throw out bearing to clutch fingers is spot on at 3mm. I suspect the throw of the pedal, hence the master actuator rod, is forcing too much fluid and has blown the seals in the APC 5. Pulling the engine this Friday to diagnose further. I think I need to figure out what the travel of the slave should be and limit the pedal/ actuator rod travel by a combination of trimming the rod and installing a pedal stop? Hoping someone has been down this road with this set up?


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Pulled the Crossflow engine yesterday to see why concentric clutch was leaking, first photo is what I found. Not sure what caused this? Would like to go to an external slave set up, to limit risk of having to pull engine, and my frame does not have the welded bracket for cable type (not that I would want a cable). Car is RHD 79 Seven. Current bell housing is Burton BH6 which is a cable set up one. Been all over various sites trying to find a Bellhousing with starter and external slave mount that will work with my car, engine, trans set up, but all found look like either the starter or external slave mount will interfere with the pedal box.  Any inputs greatly appreciated!DefectiveAPC5.thumb.jpg.c8b3763e06c486c6e8d80c2c82d6ee9c.jpg 

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