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Quaife ATB wanted


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Due to unforeseen circumstances a while back I had to decline the opportunity to buy the aforementioned from a club member but now I am actively looking again.I am aware Burton have new ones for £610 delivered but wondered if anyone has one lurking in their parts stash they would consider selling?


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Hi, yes I'm aware you're a massive fan (for good reason) of the Tracksport lsd.The Tracksport is the only other type of ATB/lLSD  that I would consider fitting for well documented reasons.I have fellow seven enthusiasts that have both got in excess of 20K road miles from their alternative manufacturer LSD's with no complaints but I can't help thinking they are the exception.I really do want to fit and forget.

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Hi Ralph,

I'll caveat to start with that I won't be home till early April. 

I've got a Quaife for the Sierra diff available. The collected cost from Northamptonshire (Rushden) would be £300, but can work around postage. 

The car has done 18k miles and the rest of the diff was in good condition. 

Let me know if it's of interest,


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