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Heated seats


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There are 3 relays under the dash, bolted through the bulkhead on the drivers side. Make sure you've got power to those. Also, oddly, the engine ecu has some control as to when the seats receive power (above a certain RPM I think). I think the ecu switches the earth to the relays. 
Have they stopped working or never worked?

Regards, doggydog  

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Thanks again doggydog33,all very useful information,I bought the car brand new ,there was some serious clunking noises from the rear end so booked it back to Gatwick for them to resolve.I had to be there for 8.30,when I left home it was -3 no hood on but heater on as was the seat,they were too toasty on full heat so alternated between warm and full on.Gatwick resolved some other issues one being the tps and the clunking noise turned out to be an unsecured break cable.still chilly on the way home so tried the seat,bingo no power ,checked passenger seat no power.rang Gatwick up when I got home they were a bit mystified but said they'd sort it at first service ,but thought I'd have a quick look to try and resolve,thanks again



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