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SOLVED 2012 Supersport 1.6 Sigma Indicator Relay


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Hi all,

  anyone know what indicator relay I need for a 2012 Supersport Sigma? The only ones I can see on the Caterham parts site are the short relay or the LED relay (it won't be the latter obvs.). I've tried the short relay from my 420 but that didn't work. From testing with a multi-meter, and looking at a wiring diagram from that era, it looks as though I need a four pin rather than three pin relay?

PS: I got the car with no indicator relay installed, so no idea what should go in there. The relays and fuse box is the style where all the relays are in a single line rather than in two rows of three.

Thanks, John

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When it's sorted please could you add the photo, the part number and the terminal identifiers to this thread.



PS: There are at least three layouts of relays on Sigma-engined Sevens. I have all of these for anyone who wants them... but not the types...

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Thanks Rob I've PM'ed you.

Colin, my car only had 3 relays fitted when I got it. The indicator "module" isn't really a relay so you can't switch that around. But i did try fitting relays to the other empty positions and it just blew the indicator fuse when I tried to use the indicators. Both indicators and hazards are not working.

Jonathan, when I get it sorted I'll do a writeup.

I've also had someone check their cars (he has 5 Caterhams from various eras) and all them have a 3 pin indicator module. So... my car almost certainly should also have a 3 pin module, I just need to figure out where it goes and what other relays I need to fit to get them working.


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So, Colin, I missed the crucial part of your post the first time I read it. You have all 7 slots filled in your relay/module setup. The schematic in the owners manual says that 6 relays are fitted and shows the middle slot empty (of the seven).

I fixed it by putting the 3-pin indicator/flasher module into the middle slot (as you said) and putting remaining relays into the other slots (I only have 5 relays as there's no heater fitted and so no heater relay needed). 

Indicators and hazards now work - phew!

Just need to fix the lights, reversing light, fog light and washers now!

Thanks for all your help and apologies for a bit of a wild goose chase.


The relay, marked "indicator relay" in position 3 of the schematic, is a normally closed relay. The exact need for this is still something I'm looking into and I'll hopefully create a schematic of it all over the next few weeks. The indicator/flasher module (not a relay) is the middle module (position 4) in the row of seven. The relay module is what times the on/off switching of the indicators.

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