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Effect of lowered floors on legroom


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I'm rebuilding and deciding which pedal mounting position to use.  Pre-rebuild I had std floors and with the pedals on the middle mount, I had the seat all the way back and my arms a little too straight.  I felt a little too far from the wheel.

I now have lowered floors.  Do these generate a little extra legroom so the middle setting might now be a little better?

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Actually no......, if your seat is already all the way back on standard floors as you lower the seat the incline of the rear bulkhead moves the seat forward.. I had to move my pedals onto the further hole forward after having lowered floors, you gain a better driving position and more head room if you run a cage though.

Adjusting the angle of the seat with the nylon washers also impacts on leg room as the more you tilt it the further your hips are moved forward as the top of the seat hits the rear bulkhead.

If your seat was mid position on standard floors you will have room to move it and the pedal position will remain unchanged.

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I'm 6'1" and pedals in the middle position and leather seats. With the std floor I always struggled getting my clutch foot comfortable as I had to twist my foot under the pedal then felt unsafe as couldn't get my foot back above the pedal easily.

I had the lowered floor fitted primarily to get me well below the cage, but found it created more room in the footwell for my size 11s and also more room between the steering wheel and my legs.

pedals are easily adjustable post rebuild so either way not a problem to switch later.


Also, I found the overall seating position much better - somehow I felt in the car rather than on it - a bit difficult to describe.

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