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Are semi helical gears noisy?


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As per the title. I've only ever driven sevens with std gear sets. I've been in a race Mini with screaming straight cut gears / drop gears.

Just wondered where the semi helical cut gear kit fits in. I'm pondering going back to 5sp for touring so teetering between a long first kit or full semi.

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They are noisier than OE gears but not in the same league as SC gears - I've had all 3 and these are the best, allied with the fact you can get correct ratios for a 7 too. a long first is only 2.98

are you moving from a 6 speed..? if so are you looking to change the final drive too.....?

Steve offers an extra fine 5th pair if you opt for the .82 top gear. choice of 2.48 or 2.29 first, the later is great !!



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I have spreadsheet with lots of ratio options etc it you let me have an email address I can ping it to you if you fancy an Anorak session... *thumbs_up_thumb*

Theres also a box for sale at Sevens and Classic... pretty sure Steve didnt build this box although it has his kit inside as his are normally bead blasted like new and he fits a sintered saddle bush too.

Tried to BM you but the AJAX 500 error messaged intervened..



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