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SOLD - Outdoor Carcoon (Size 3 -Large)


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Anyone wanting all-weather storage for their 7 might be interested in this item. It was used for storing mine outside for over 18 months (in Manchester, so it's waterproof ability was really tested!).

It is in pretty good condition overall apart from a few slightly worn areas on the top (but still waterproof). All the electrical parts, cables and instructions are included - the twin fan power unit doubles as a battery conditioner. I have a recent video and several photos showing it inflated which I am happy to send anyone via PM.

In view of the size and weight this is realistically for collection only. I am in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Given the wear & tear I have priced it at £150 (if you check out the Carcoon website, which I recommend if you want to confirm the size, you will see this model currently sells for £585).




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