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Wanted- Project- de Dion chassis with V5


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Hi I have a chassis which has never been registered i do have the chassis number and is down at caterham as a kit. The car has all the body panels but was left outside so i took them off and had the chassis soda blasteded so i could check it all then powder coated. There is quite a few bits with it and a brand new 1.8 Duratec engine. If you are interested i can send photos and give you a full list. The chassis is a 2007 metric.


Regards Andrew 

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Hi Paul,

I have a1999 superlight chassis with V5 that I am looking to move on. This was repaired (new long front and all new panels) by Arch and then repainted in 2009 - it has been sat in the garage gathering dust ever since....

Let me know if you are interested - I can send some photos.

I also have many other parts (almost enough to fully rebuild the car) - happy to list if you're interested.

cheers, Dave


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