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Class 2 reg changes


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Hi, Myself and my Son sort of competed in the 2018 and 2019 championship in my 1.6k series supersport. The regs were pretty strict and we had to take off our Jenveys and emerald ecu and go back to the standard plenum and mem's. I have just checked the reg's to see if there is anything we can tweek over the winter for next years championship, and it looks like anything goes as long as we stay below 160bhp. I just want to check I have not missed anything before dusting off the Jenveys and Emerald and strapping them back on, and will we need a Dyno read out to prove our power is within reg's.


Mark and Max

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Hi Mark and Max

It will be great to see you both back competing next year.

You are right the regs were changed this year to allow any engine modifications but with a power limit of 155 BHP with no plus tolerance.

In practice, as you have found out, this a friendly series and we do not require people to produce dyno  read outs. Somebody may have a word with you if your speed trap readings are significantly higher than others in class 2......especially if you are winning! 

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further before starting work on your car.



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